Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How does architect perform his work?

Architect starts the work before he plans all designs and sight at construction of the building. He checks the the construction site and analysis it. After checking the all basic things he takes his first step. He makes a design according to a construction area and plans all the steps, he will take starting the work. Architects always use the discipline architecture of landscape, architects work. Some times ago, Architects designs the construction model by hand but now new construction software has available. we don't need to take so much time to making a model of the building.
Architects performs many role like:
  • Design Role - Creating the drawing
  • Documentation Role - Ready the document of project..
  • Construction Role- Start the work after passing the project
These are 3 main role that performs the architects work. He creates the drawing of the building and ready of the document for the building construction and starts the work after permission. Architects fee based on the percentage of the construction value. Architects fee also depends on the construction site and location if construction sight come under the economical area then fee will go up (High Rates).


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