Monday, September 5, 2011

Essential things for an architect..

 Complexity of IT grows day by day,so the need for architecture by organisation is required. As the time running  up fastly, The definition of architecture has changed, because in this modren world peoples required more new innovations and idea in the architecture design .So to satisfy the needs of peoples ,an Architect has to adopt some skills which is the key of his or her success.Here are the some Key skills as mentioned below:

  • Value of Architecture:
The value of Architecture is independent from creation,because  best architecture doesn't have any value if it isn't used. The value of architecture comes from its implementation. 
  • Inquire:
As we know that the goal of project is initiated by solving the specific problem. The first step of solving the problem is,go into the depth of the problem.The main function of inquiry is to question assumptions. This is the most important activity of an Architect.
  • Integration:
  The major Role of  an architect  is to integrating the solution for the particular project with the Domain
of  business , enterprise Rules, according to the industry standards,and by best practices.
  • Analysis:
For analysis ,we have to give answering to these three questions:
     1. important elements of the problem or solution?
     2.What is the status and Behaviour of the relationship between them       
     3.How the elements and relationships combine for increasing the value?
  • Conceptualization:
After integration, problem is analyzed, Now the role architect needs to create a conceptual solution,In the form  of a conceptual  diagram.Now the only work of the system is to interact with the logical function and data. 
  • Abstraction:
Abstraction plays an important role in the architecture,because with help of abstraction we came to what is relevent dat and what is not. Identifying the relevant and irrelevant data is the biggest problem. 
  • Formalize:
The most important  approach to formalization is the specification of architectures .we can call it as a reference architecture or architectural metamodel.
  • Communication:
The main role of an architect that he/she has a good writing and reading architect needs to communicate to that solution as well as with its importance.

    • Assistance:
    one of the primary role of an architect is to assist the project which he is using.the most important activity of an architect is to make the architecture real as soon as possible. virtually some architects consults some projects for their success.

    Monday, August 29, 2011

    Disciplinary Action against Irresponsible Architect and Engineer

    Generally no one accuse officers holding higher, reputed and honourable post or the person in-charge of any group like a construction team. All barrages are discharged on the low post officers, workers (contractors in field of construction). Only they have to face growling clatter if any misshapen occurs. Senior Engineers, Architects and every person on the administrating chair are kept away from the disciplinary action. With time everything changes, and so change the rules and regulation. Now Architects have to follow some rules, regulations and guidelines provided by the Council of Architecture, and if found any professional misconduct they are obligated for the disciplinary action. All these action assist Maharashtra State Consumer Disputes Redress Commission in the assessment and reconnaissance of a case filed against Architect Anil Jalgaonkar and structural engineer R.D Magdum by a Goregaon resident Ganesh Shinde who appoint and accredit them to set up and shape his mansion. And in June 2004, Mumbai Suburban Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum found Anil Jalgaonkar and R.D Magdum guilty of the charges put on by the complainant Ganesh Shinde. They are accused of unauthorised abyss and intruding neighbouring plot illegally. As penalty they are ordered to refund fees received from their client Ganesh Shinde and directed them along with contractor together to pay him Rs 60000 towards compensation and Rs 5000 towards cost of litigation.

    Important facts:
    This case came in light when Ganesh Shinde received a proclamation from Mhada which warn him regarding the unauthorised abyss and all the illegal activities going on his plot on April 7, 1998. It also state that the contractor is intruding and sticking his nose in neighbouring plots. Shinde requested contractor to fill the pit but contractor completed partial work and demanded additional payment. This made Shinde to move Mumbai Suburban Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum where he finally got justice and took his money back.

    Mumbai Suburban Consumer Disputes Redress Forum investigates and observes that the two accused had never visited the site after their first visit. Following the rules regulation and guidelines of the Council of Architect, Commission come to know about the liabilities of architect and the disciplinary action they may have to face because of their professional misconduct. The Council of Architect at its 40th meeting provide guideline to the architects regarding their liabilities and the disciplinary action they may have to face in case of violation of any rule. Architects may come under such actions if they fail to meet the genuine required care and demands of the client and their construction sector; if the client had to face any damage because of their faulty duty and misconduct. Architects are also supposed to keep records of each detail, progress and activities held on the plot for minimum period of 4 years after issue of certificate of virtual completion.

    Concluding Note:
    According to Council of Architects, architects are bound to keep an eye on the contractor’s work and observe whether they are performing genuinely as per the sanction plan or not. Anil Jalgaonkar and R.D Magdum are found violating all these rules and hence face the consequences of their professional misconduct.

    Thursday, August 25, 2011

    How an Architect plays a Key Role in cost saving while designing any building?

    Hiring an architect can assist you craft a well-made project that works within time framework and budget.

    The services of an architect are a prudent investment for the money. They are not any added cost to your project but on the other hand contribute in cost saving as a well-conceived project can be built more proficiently and cost-effectively.

    Architect act as planner for your project. It becomes easy to make changes much less expensively as these can be made on paper or computer.  The drawings made by Best Architects provide a help to a contractor to build your home or office and charge precisely. Hiring an architect will actually save you money on both the initial build, and for years to come. A Famous Architect can also help in choosing a competent builder since they comprehend every facet of building starting from the budget, project’s completion time, optimum utilization of human resources. The Best Architects always strive to use eco-friendly and durable materials.

    Best Architects keep themselves updated on the newest building products that are efficient, resourceful, and economical. The usage of these alone could save thousands of dollars in the initial build process and also for years to come. These newer products can make the life better and easier at home.

    The performance of Famous Architects is far better than usual contractors. Architect foresees the future and generates living and working environments as per the current and potential needs. They provide you with the designs which are out of the box and you have a better and well-designed building in front of you. Above all with the support of Architect, your drawings will provide you with accurate price comparisons and quality comparisons.

    An Architect is ready to your service at every step of the way. The Best Architects are the one who constantly visit the construction sites to ensure everything is as per the plan. An Architect is also well aware of all the construction codes and zoning laws.

    Architect also considers some of the important points like the building elevations, availability of proper light and ventilation in the building process. Plenty of electricity and other energy expenses can be saved if the building has adequate natural light and appropriate ventilation. So it is advisable to plan the building under the direction of some of the Best Architects.
    Famous Architects with adequate education and experience can be helpful in the entire building process leading to the construction of an efficient and economical home distinctive to one’s style and personal needs. 
    Architects in Noida are among the Famous Architects who have proven their efficiency in designing the planned building structure for Homes and Offices in Noida and the nearby places. Their work has expanded from mere fresh housing projects to remodeling of existing houses. The diversity in their work has forced them to use of modern technology. This has greatly amplified the demand for Architects in Noida.

    Tuesday, August 23, 2011

    Know the major 4 things to hire an Experience Architect

    Architecture has occupied a very significant place in this era. It has played an extremely imperative role in enriching the quality of life by the means of the unique Architectural Designs, creativity. In order to encompass a beautifully built house, one of the initial things to be looked at is the selection of an architect for your home construction is finding out the Best Architects. This can be done by undergoing a fundamental research both on internet and on recommendation of some one. Once you are over with the research you need to have enough communication with your architect. This communication will provide you much assistance in understanding his way of work, knowledge of architecture so there can be healthy exchange of opinions, ideas and Architectural Design offered by both parties. Best Architects can suggest you a cost effective plan for your building.
    The four main things to consider are:
    ·         Architect’s Educational Qualification
    An architect’s worth is determined by his education. Architect’s acquaintance about his field is the primary feature to be considered. The knowledge gained by him during his schooling and his ability to understand the depth of Architecture can make him the so called “Best Architects”. The design awards won by them, exhibitions participated can also guide you while selection of an Architects. In fact, Education is the foundation of an architect's skills. 

    ·         The services offered by the Architect
    The major services include schematic design, design development, construction documents, construction administration etc. There needs to be a balance between the services require by you and those offered by the Architect. A mismatch between the services is not affordable. The feasibility of the project can be determined on the basis of the services provided by your architect. Their experience in the chosen area of Architecture is important. 

    ·         The Fee Structure
    The next thing to focus upon is the fee structure. In fact, this particular factor is one of the indispensable things to consider. Once you have decided to hire a particular architect, you need to inform him about your anticipated budget. You need to have knowledge about your architect’s rates, rates for overtime, whether he charges on hourly basis or total construction costs. 

    ·         Let the Architect visit the site.
    Make sure the architect sees the job site so that he can understand your needs, lifestyle, and preferences and. This will expose him to the practical location and he can get a clearer idea of the work expected from him.

     Architects in Delhi are well versed with their Architecture and are renowned all around for their unique and distinctive architecture designs. Architects in Delhi incorporate very unique concepts and ideas while designing the buildings and in this way provide a different edge and stylish look to your dream home. Today it has become an easy task to provide a novel and fresh look to your home and office by hiring the services of Architects in Delhi.

    Thursday, August 11, 2011


    New Okhla Industrial Development Authority abbreviated as NOIDA was founded in 1976 as per the U.P. Industrial Area Development Act. Since then Noida is witnessing a massive growth in terms of industrialization. The area is flooding with loads of industries, Software companies, BPOs, financial institutions, etc. Noida realty market is escalating. So, investing in property in Noida is a good option for investors. 

    Noida has earned the status of being Asia’s largest industrial town. It belongs to the NCR region of Delhi. Noida has occupied the position of a well-planned modern city with an easy access to Delhi through correctly developed highways, roads and DND flyover. Not only this being an ideal choice for industrial projects also emerging as a sizzling market for residential properties too.

    Interior designer in Noida focus on building flats with a variety of floor plans like 1BHK-5BHK flats for sale, 1BHK-4BHK flats for rent with different sizes & ambiance keeping in mind the budget too.
    Affordability is the prime feature being taken into concern by Interior designers and builders. Escalating property prices and the demand for apartments has forced Interior designer in Noida, real estate developers to plan well-brought-up, reasonable to luxury projects in Noida. Some of the major real estate developers in Noida are Unitech, Omaxe, Mahagun Builders, Jaypee Group, Eldeco, Supertech Builders, etc. Consulting an interior designer has also become a common practice as they advise the clients according to their tastes and preferences. Interior Designers design tailor-made homes, homes which are vastu specific and unique. Shramik Kunj project provides one room set accommodation for the poor.

    Some of the beautiful residential apartments exhibiting the astonishing work of the Interior Designer in Noida are:
    1. Uniworld Gardens situated at Sector-117, Noida are 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments by Unitech Ltd.
    2. Amrapali Eden Park situated at Sector-50, Noida are 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments by Amrapali Group.
    3. Parsvnath Residency situated at Sector-51, Noida are 3 bedroom apartments and penthouses by Parsvnath Developers Ltd.

    Monday, July 11, 2011

    Corporate Interiors, Interior Designers in Delhi, Architects, Modular Office Furniture, Office Interior Designs: How does architect perform his work?

    Corporate Interiors, Interior Designers in Delhi, Modular Office Furniture, Office Interior Designs: How does architect perform his work?: "Architect starts the work before he plans all designs and sight at construction of the building. He checks the the construction site and an..."

    Corporate Interiors, Interior Designers in Delhi, Architects, Modular Office Furniture, Office Interior Designs: MCD instructs blueprint for 33 wards development

    Corporate Interiors, Interior Designers in Delhi, Architects, Modular Office Furniture, Office Interior Designs: MCD instructs blueprint for 33 wards development: "The regime for development of the municipal wards covering total 272 wards is started due to the requirements of the citizens. Paving the wa..."

    MCD instructs blueprint for 33 wards development

    The regime for development of the municipal wards covering total 272 wards is started due to the requirements of the citizens. Paving the way for organized and streamlined development, MCD has instructed the architects in Delhi to prepare and present plans by the end of August for 33 wards. This has been decided by the MCD considering the Master Plan of Delhi 2021 which All 272 municipal wards in the city will be developed keeping in view the needs of their residents. Moving towards systematic development of wards, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) has roped in architects and other experts to draft and submit plans for 33 wards by August-end. This is in keeping with the provisions of the Master Plan of Delhi 2021 (MPD) that needs the developmental bodies to make elaborated development plans including drainage, parking space, shopping complexes, roads and community centers.

    Architects experts from five elite institutes of architecture have been delegated the job to study the infrastructure which exists and prepare the plan of future development of wards. The five schools are School of Planning and Architecture, the architecture department at Jamia University, Indraprastha University, INTACH and the Association of Municipalities and Development Authorities.

    Under the 33 wards to be developed initially, the plans are invited for Guru Harkrishan Nagar, Nizamuddin, Mehrauli, Kondli, Ghadoli, Hauz Khas, Shahpur Jat and other 12 villages. As per a senior official, "The whole thought behind the development of the wards is to eradicate the problems of residents and to implement organized development. Post implementation of the master plan few years back, many residential areas have witnessed changes in the initial plans. The recommendation, in case of realizing the need for the change will be forwarded to the Centre".

    This development activity also phases out the MCD’s investment calculation for future. Presently, MCD counselors invest the money in area development as per their plan and no concrete plan. With the development plan, MCD can invest the money in phases to achieve ultimate developmental goal. As per AGK Menon, the convener and urban planner of INTACH Delhi Chapter “The solution of these problems are required to be identified on urgent level. We are taking an inverted pyramid approach and progressing up from the bottom of the problem that is from ward to Delhi’s master plan.

    According to the MCD official the panning architects institutions are being paid for drafting the plan almost 8 lakhs per ward. “Upon the preparation of the plans for 33 wards, they would be studied for their benefits for MCD. Post this study, the architect institutions would be asked to draft plan for rest of 239 wards”, as informed by Deep Mathur, Director, Press and Information.

    Thursday, June 16, 2011

    Interior Designer, Keith Irvine Passed Away at 82

    The renowned interior designer, Keith Irvine who introduced volatility and wit in country-house English style and had the admiration from Rex and Lady Harrison, Jacqueline Onassis and Pat and William F. Buckley Jr., passed away at the age of 82 on May 31 in Carmel, N.Y.  As confirmed by Chippy, wife of Keith the reason of death was the cardiac arrest.
    Mr. Irvine learned the skill of interior designing from John Fowler of Colefax & Fowler, the company responsible for the popularity of English country-house style post World War II.
    In 1957, Irvine moved to United States and opened up his own interior designing company popular for making the conventional English style easy in amalgamation with French. Spontaneity and assortment were two unique qualities reflected in his work and a mix of furniture style and rich fabrics was used to create the ambience of warmth. Chintz, becoming the signature fabric in 1980s of Manhattan elite is also attributable to him.
    In 1980, Architectural Digest described the farmhouse restored by Mr. Irvine in Patterson, N.Y. that “Similar to the work of Fowler, in Irvine’s work also is it always easy to discuss the ingredients forming the dish than the dish itself. Unbeatable French and English furniture along with excellently preserved and oiled leathered books, chintzes decorated with flowers, needlework carpets, and portraits of animals, quilts, sprinkle of tartan and touch of Gothic”.
    Born on 14 October, 1928 in Aberdeen, Scotland, Keith Briscoe Irvine’s father was a history fan and insurance executive by profession. His father used to visit Scottish castles and houses, including Cawdor, the place which he mentioned to live in under his wish list.  
    Keith Irvine: A Life in Decoration, written by Irvine with his wife in 2005 captures Irvine stating” I know precisely the place where every piece of furniture will fit, in my dreams”.
    Mr. Irvine attended the boarding school situated in Ascot, when his family resided in Richmond. His roommate was Stephen Long, the antiques items dealer of future, and they together painted the walls with murals of medieval theme.
    Post Seaforth Highlanders, Mr. Irvine studied painting aimlessly in Kingston Art School and entered in interior decorating school of Royal College of Art which he never found interesting. As per him” I was at the bottom rank of the class, disliked it every second of time and fought with the modernists.” 
    He met Juliet Grime, the student of Fashion in College who became his wife after 13 years. He is survived by his wife, his two daughters and one granddaughter.
    Elite personalities were the part of list of clients of Mr. Irvine including the Kennedy family, Jerome Robbins, Cary Grant, Felicia and Leonard Bernstein, Jean and Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt, Diana Ross and the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.

    Tuesday, May 17, 2011

    Chief Architect Writes Govt to Follow Haryana

    Bipin Sankhe, State Chief Architect has written a letter to Ratnakar Gaikwad, President of Council of Architecture (India) and Chief Secretary that state ought to adopt the strategy of Chandigarh and Haryana for providing work to private architects and to promote the state officials.
    According to the norms of Council of Architecture, only the government architectures can design the government buildings. Moreover, if the government takes a decision to outsource work to private architect for an important or special project, then the plans for the same have to be approved by the State Chief Architect. Nonetheless, this rule has been violated manifestly by regional offices of Maharashtra government and it has been awarding work to the private architecture firms without the prior approval of chief architect. As noted by Sankhe “the whole process of awarding the contract does not have any transparency”.
    The officials hold view that the government structures are sensitive and structures like jails and residential complexes of high profile people remains to be confidential. As stated by the anonymous government official “ If private architecture firms prepares the design of such sensitive places, then what remains the guarantee of confidentiality of design of such building?. In case of any incident, who should be held responsible? The government employees are determined to maintain the secrecy of designs of such high profile buildings; however the same is not the case with private firms. This matter requires some serious action from the authorities”.
    Sankhe has also mentioned in the letter that the priority is accorded to the officials with civil engineering rather than the ones with architectural degree. As per him “Council of Architecture (COA) guidelines have not been implemented by government successfully. We are better than others, in terms of experience and education, however are still not considered for the promotion by the government at the level of secretary. We have been the step-motherly treatment”.
    In the meantime, causing further embarrassment for government-selected architectural community, PWD has put forth its decision to amend and modify the circular issued by it earlier pertaining to the private architect’s appointment. As added by Sankhe “This is the violation of norms of COA as the requirement to amend the earlier circular does not arise. It simply does not make any point to delegate the powers of architectural officials to the civic engineers”.

    Monday, May 9, 2011

    Best Inspirational Interior Designs

      Altitude Design is the best corporate firm that improves in-door and out-door surrounding. Altitude Design has designed many corporate firms and many small offices. 

    Altitude Design brings the inspirational look into the offices by designing and employee does not feel tired and boring. We make it user-friendly.
    Earlier all offices were similarly designed, hard straight chairs, less decors, overall they were not comfortable at all. Offices were separated from their homes but now many people are setting up the offices in their homes.
    Corporate interior designers are doing very good job in the city due to increase in the corporate offices. Now even offices which were build in late 70s or 80s are hiring architects and interior designers for the renovation work. Because no one would like to deal with an office where furniture is older than the age of its employees.

    Monday, May 2, 2011

    Most demands of the Office Interiors in Delhi

    Office Interior is become the trend in Delhi city. Every person wants to design their office by interiors. Last some months going very good because selling rate of the interiors is increased and Interior business is getting good
    profit to the interiors. With the interiors, companies also hiring the good interior designer. Altitude Design is offering best interior designs and good looking interiors designed office in affordable rates. Altitude Design designs the offices only. Altitude Design is became the best interiors services provider in Delhi. You can check the our designed office in the picture if you want to see the interior designed offices gallery or want to contact us to office designing then visit our website: Altitude Design India.

    Contact us:-

    Corporate Office
    70, Nehru Place
    New Delhi-110019
    Ph: 011 22456193

    Wednesday, April 20, 2011

    How does architect perform his work?

    Architect starts the work before he plans all designs and sight at construction of the building. He checks the the construction site and analysis it. After checking the all basic things he takes his first step. He makes a design according to a construction area and plans all the steps, he will take starting the work. Architects always use the discipline architecture of landscape, architects work. Some times ago, Architects designs the construction model by hand but now new construction software has available. we don't need to take so much time to making a model of the building.
    Architects performs many role like:
    • Design Role - Creating the drawing
    • Documentation Role - Ready the document of project..
    • Construction Role- Start the work after passing the project
    These are 3 main role that performs the architects work. He creates the drawing of the building and ready of the document for the building construction and starts the work after permission. Architects fee based on the percentage of the construction value. Architects fee also depends on the construction site and location if construction sight come under the economical area then fee will go up (High Rates).

    Tuesday, April 19, 2011

    Corporate Interiors, Interior Designers in Delhi, Modular Office Furniture, Office Interior Designs: History of Interiors

    "Interiors history is very ancient. Interior is the natural part of the building. Million of year ago, King was used the natural interiors fo..."

    History of Interiors

    Interiors history is very ancient. Interior is the natural part of the building. Million of year ago, King was used the natural interiors for their palaces and forts. Interior was available in best and pure quality before but now trends has been changed and new technologies are coming and people is using designing interiors in their home, office, building etc. Many variety and awesome designs are available.
    Altitude Designs - Office Interiors

    There are lot of option in office interior and modular office furniture. You can so much attractive to your home or office by using the Interiors. There are lot of interior design and lot of varieties. Interior Design gives effective look to the office and It is also a formula to implement your office in reasonable price. Latest design brings attractive and awesome look.

    Monday, April 11, 2011

    Office Interior Designs

    Altitude Design
    Altitude Design is a booming company in interior designs. In the last few years, Altitude Design was reflected the long term goal and We makes latest designs of office chairs, office tables, desk. We are livings 21st century and trends has been changed completely and people demand latest interior designs so Altitude Design has been changing the business style by stylish interiors designs. We make different designs so everyone likes our designs. In the last 35 years, Altitude Design has achieved many awards for their own work. Altitude Design improves indoor and outdoors surrounding of living by interiors. We provides best services to our clients. Altitude Design also works in architects, office interior designs, corporate interiors, modular office furniture etc.

    Friday, April 8, 2011

    Supreme Interior Designs

    Supreme Interiors Designs Trendz.

    Now people is using supreme interior designs in their home because interiors gives best look. Altitude Design is working  in this business since 1975 and got many awards for our works. Altitude Design is also a award winning company that completed many projects successfully.

    Thursday, April 7, 2011

    Corporate Interiors, Interior Designers in Delhi, Modular Office Furniture, Office Interior Designs: Android Market Application

    Corporate Interiors, Interior Designers in Delhi, Modular Office Furniture, Office Interior Designs: Android Market Application: "Android market is a mobile application and It was called collection of millions of application.Android is a set of software application. Man..."

    Friday, February 18, 2011

    Interior Decorator in Delhi

    Interior Decorator in Delhi
    Altitude Design is the best company in India and It has experience of 30 years. We are the best interiors decorator in India. Interior design is the final but most important thing to do to feel the architectural work of your office/industry space. And if it is the office or the industry then the interior designing part must be done so preciously and carefully that it would not have to look after once it is completed. The reason being that an office or the industry reflects your brand and all the employees including the owner must feel the reflection of the brand in the office itself. The office is the identity of the business and the interior designing must be good enough to impress the clients. Corporate interior designing must be get done by professionals because these things are done once for a long period.

    Thursday, January 20, 2011

    Read the tips to find the good architect for your office

    If you are planning to give a new look or improving your office then you need a interior designer for the same. Choosing or finding a corporate interior designer is too tough. It's hard to identify that who is best on for the same. lets read the tips that how should one find the interior designer for office.

    Videos - Interiors, Architects, Office Interiors, Interior Decorators