Monday, September 5, 2011

Essential things for an architect..

 Complexity of IT grows day by day,so the need for architecture by organisation is required. As the time running  up fastly, The definition of architecture has changed, because in this modren world peoples required more new innovations and idea in the architecture design .So to satisfy the needs of peoples ,an Architect has to adopt some skills which is the key of his or her success.Here are the some Key skills as mentioned below:

  • Value of Architecture:
The value of Architecture is independent from creation,because  best architecture doesn't have any value if it isn't used. The value of architecture comes from its implementation. 
  • Inquire:
As we know that the goal of project is initiated by solving the specific problem. The first step of solving the problem is,go into the depth of the problem.The main function of inquiry is to question assumptions. This is the most important activity of an Architect.
  • Integration:
  The major Role of  an architect  is to integrating the solution for the particular project with the Domain
of  business , enterprise Rules, according to the industry standards,and by best practices.
  • Analysis:
For analysis ,we have to give answering to these three questions:
     1. important elements of the problem or solution?
     2.What is the status and Behaviour of the relationship between them       
     3.How the elements and relationships combine for increasing the value?
  • Conceptualization:
After integration, problem is analyzed, Now the role architect needs to create a conceptual solution,In the form  of a conceptual  diagram.Now the only work of the system is to interact with the logical function and data. 
  • Abstraction:
Abstraction plays an important role in the architecture,because with help of abstraction we came to what is relevent dat and what is not. Identifying the relevant and irrelevant data is the biggest problem. 
  • Formalize:
The most important  approach to formalization is the specification of architectures .we can call it as a reference architecture or architectural metamodel.
  • Communication:
The main role of an architect that he/she has a good writing and reading architect needs to communicate to that solution as well as with its importance.

    • Assistance:
    one of the primary role of an architect is to assist the project which he is using.the most important activity of an architect is to make the architecture real as soon as possible. virtually some architects consults some projects for their success.


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